How to get your APRON

How to get your APRON

von Hola Mundo Digital


We are not over-producing because we don't want to incite an over consumption. 

We care. 

To minimise waste and environmental impact we try to produce as many items as will be sold. We know, it is not easy to foresee. That's why most of the collection items are DROPS, it means that we think it as limited editions. We produce to last. And we also like to think that each APRON is made especially for you.

This doesn't mean we're 100% sustainable. True sustainability is a path of continuous small improvements day by day. Drops model is a step we make, trying to do our best for you to wear your/our values, as much a we can. 
So thank you for understanding the production times and any possible complications.


There's an opportunity
to create different, let's
try it together.



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