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When you choose APRON you are investing in a product with a human story behind it. 

Our Essential Nomad Collection was made in collaboration with CUSTOMIZANDO  a Social Integration Women's Cooperative. In a welcoming space, in which the workers feel safe, cared and valued for their work. They promote individual and group empowerment, training in textile manufacturing while learning to manage a cooperative. They develop production processes for they own label and for some other clientes while they train and give skills to woman in vulnerable situations and without economic resources, facilitating a work space and professional entrepreneurship focused on sustainable and ethical fashion, with a triple mission: economic sustainability, promotion of environmental culture and development of the social project. This allows us to break the circle of job insecurity and poverty through fear jobs.
We work every day in developing production processes that are respectful of labor and human rights. We care about responding to our needs as working women and entrepreneurs we are.  We believe in a sustainable and ethical fashion industry as a driver of environmental and social change and improvement. We work to dignify sewing job, recognize the effort and dedication of thousands of people who are specialized in this sector and fight for some worthy conditions within it.

This is what we call social economy the very best way to create your Nomad pieces. 
- Take care of it - because we care. 

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