#IDforNomads introduce Martin Noise

#IDforNomads introduce Martin Noise

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Hi to all of our Nomad Community

____ Just to say we look forward dressing a new generation of NOMADS inspired by functional workwear.  People with no limits. Citizens without borders who can transform any space into their workplace, their home.  On today's #IDforNomads we introduce you to Martin Noise co-founder of Playground Records, record label based in Barcelona and We Are Apron music collaborator.

Nomad>> Martín Noise 

Project>> Playground Records

Photography>> @pipi.amuchastegui @kohl.Lab


____We ask him how did Playground Records start?

   and he tell us...

Playground began 8 years ago as a party in an abandoned house with a huge patio full of plants and vines in the middle of the Palermo neighborhood in the city of Buenos Aires. Parties full of love and friends with a true underground atmosphere. I have very good memories of that time, the energy in that house was so incredible that I can hardly describe it with certainty.


_____ What makes Playground Records special?

I believe that it is our passion for what we do and that we always put our friendship before everything.


_____ Music connects you with other cultures?

100% yes, thanks to music I have been to very interesting places in Argentina, Spain, France, Germany, Russia, Lithuania, Belarus, Israel and Chile and I met super different cultures and really nice people.


_____Tell us about the covers. Why did you always choose nature for the designs?

Because nature is our most important source of inspiration, its sounds, its textures and its colors have influenced us from the beginning. For us, nature is the mother of everything we are...


_____Playground Records collaborated with We Are Apron musicalizing our social media content for the official Instagram launch.

Credits: Playground Records - Hanzo & Yaman, The Path (Marc Piñol Remix).

Don t miss it >>> https://www.instagram.com/p/CFPlmxBKCUI/


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