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Looking foward how to make our labels we met Ninja Papel.

Ninja papel it s an artisan/ bookbinder printing lab founded by a local artist called Renata, with whom we collaborate on the design and development of our label TAG. We have made such a beautiful work together on it edition, playing with words, portray our manifiesto, finding the best way to reproduce our values on a piece of paper. For us it was very important not only to support the old forms of crafts, but to try to make the label something else, and not an object that quickly goes to the trash. Making/creating  a piece of art that it will last as a precious treasure to collect and be aware of it. We hope you love it too. 

We work with a traditional printing machine, made one by one, learning and respecting the artisanal handmade method, putting on value what human labor means, understanding how it works. We are grateful to share with our NOMAD community what our values means for us, the unique subject of human made in a sustainable way. Our cardboard is recycled and our ink is water-based.

We aim to  publicate  collectibles editions about the work of different NOMAD artists and/or things that we find interesting and follows our values, because we care.- 


Artist of the first edition : Pipi Amuchastegui. 

@pipiamuchastegui is our photographer, she intervenes her pictures with what she likes to calls “mamus” . In this special edition she features an APRON mamus which had been printed  by Renata - Ninja papel factory . As a result we find this collectible postcard you will receive every time you deliver any item from our collection. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do, find a special place for it or give it as a present to someone you realise it's going to enjoy it.  We hope this is the first of many ways to get closer to you.





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