Nuria Vila "Pàstic: genial o pervers?"

Nuria Vila "Pàstic: genial o pervers?"

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___ She is a Catalá graphic designer and art director specialized in corporate identity, editorial, packaging and visual communication with a commitment to the environment and sustainability. When she designs she always makes it applying common sense in each project thinking about how to make it in a sustainable and ethical way.

Bet on manual work, experimentation and interdisciplinary collaboration she believes in networking, researching and discovering new languages ​​that can be applied to the needs of each project. She works from the concept and complicity with the client, together they develop ideas that  manage to communicate  the maximum.

As we said so she is an interdisciplinary citizen, in this occasion we visit her last exposition at the "museo de la pesca" in the city of Palamos where she curate the installation and visual identity of the exhibition named "Plastic" of the Carulla Foundation. 



"... The 80% of the environmental impact of graphic products / pieces is decided during their initial phase of design thinking. Therefore, in some way, we are responsable for this impact and we can make a difference. So I wanted to do something to participate in this change. Because I think we can still do things differently, and it is possible to reverse the situation…”




We consume a million plastic bottles a day and only 9% are recycled. So there are currently 5 plastic islands floating in our oceans. The moon size is estimated at 3.4 million km², which represents seven times the surface of Spain. That area can contain about 100 million tons of waste. According to the study, each human being is ingesting about 5 grams of microplastics a week, which is equivalent to 21 grams per month and eating an average of 250 grams of plastic each year. To better assess the magnitude of these figures, it is as if we were to say that we are eating the plastic from a credit card every week, or a hanger every month, or about 29 half-liter PET plastic bottles every year.

___ But the problem is not plastic, the problem is us, society, the use and abuse that we make of this material... said Nuria.



The exhibition "Plastic" was born from the need to reflect and debate on one of the materials that has changed our lives the most; the plastic. The objective is to create an exhibition that generates reflection and critical thinking from an artistic and experimental perspective, bringing together works by a score of artists, where users can participate, empowering themselves to be the engine of change.


Our Parka is made with a Newlife certificated fabric provided by C.L.A.S.S. But what does it means?

NewLife is an Italian synthetic textile fiber created with recycled plastic bottles. An ecological nylon that exploits existing and abundant resources such as plastic, to obtain an ecological, high quality, and sustainably produced fiber. Recycled plastic bottles replace petroleum-derived polymers used in regular nylon production.    

The bottles are recycled in Italy, washed and prepared, after processing they become a yarn with which it will be possible to make the NewLife fabric. This happens thanks to an innovative mechanical process certified with low environmental impact who developed the brilliant idea of ​​recycling by creating a wide range of textile yarns.    

Fabric Quality:  It does not shrink and discolor.  It s quick drying  and anti-microbial Waterproof and so breathable and its shines.

Newlife it s also certified by the firm of Oeko-Tex, Global Recycle Standard, Second Life Plastic, Reach Animal Free, Peta, VeganOK. 

___  WHAT WE LEARN? As Nuria said ---> “Theres no PLANet B, Rethink, Reuse - Recycle…”





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