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Each Apron product is a declaration of purpose, one more step towards that fair world we want and need.


We promote the values ​​of sustainability both in our manufacturing processes and also in the materials we use. 


We work with recycled and eco-friendly materials with GOTS certification both in composition, raw materials, dyes and manufacturing.

___ We prioritize, work with local providers.

Our collections are made from organic, renewable, and biodegradable fibres. Entirely committed to fair trade production, we focus on wearable sustainability that s why we design with longevity in mind, determining every weave, weight, stitch, colour and design.

We obtain GOTS certified organic cotton from Ecological Textiles. This means amongst other things that the raw fiber is of organic origin, that no herbicides or insecticides were used on the fields, that no GMO was applied, and that strict social standards were followed (fair trade, no children’s labour, healthy conditions for the workers on the fields and in the factories). It also means that no harmful chemicals were used in the entire production chain, that the fabrics were finished conform the GOTS rules (for exemple no chlorine bleaching), only applying eco friendly dyes or printing inks etc.



_________ Some of our Urban Collection items were made with Hemp yarns and fabrics from the same supplier.- This kind of fibre has specific properties which distinguish it sharply from most other materials and make it unique. It is a relatively easy to grow plant, which has hardly any natural enemies and does not need much water. The plant is therefore cultivated almost everywhere without using herbicides or insecticides. Also made in Organic Cotton GOTS certificated Denim from the same supplier.-




_________ Our special item waterproof ecologic APRON is made in GOTS certificated organic poplin wax impregnated. This tectonic comes from sailors, for centuries they have been aware that wet sails are stronger than dry sails and have impregnated their sails with fish oil, and later with linseed oil and paraffin. As a side effect, impregnated cotton turned out to be waterproof. Ecological Textiles developed its own variety of wax impregnated fabrics, combining organic linen and organic cotton with beeswax creates a beautiful yarn with special effects repellent liquid. _________



_________ Our Citizen Worker jacket is made from natural wool, a protein fiber very similar to human hair, and performs well ecologically. It is 100% biodegradable and regenerates itself after use, so that is doesn't have to be washed very often. Some of the fabrics presented here are made from organic wool and are GOTS certified. GOTS-certified organic wool is still rare, the supply on the market is growing but still small. That's why all the woolen fabrics here are made in GOTS-certified factories, even though the wool itself is not always certified as such._________

 If you want to know more take a look on --- >  https://www.ecologicaltextiles.nl


_________ We work with a Newlife certificated provider named C.L.A.S.S. - what does it means?

"NewLife is an Italian synthetic textile fiber created with recycled plastic bottles. An ecological nylon that exploits existing and abundant resources such as plastic, to obtain an ecological, high quality, and sustainably produced fiber. Recycled plastic bottles replace petroleum-derived polymers used in regular nylon production..."     

The bottles are recycled in Italy, washed and prepared, after processing they become a yarn with which it will be possible to make the NewLife fabric. This happens thanks to an innovative mechanical process certified with low environmental impact who developed the brilliant idea of ​​recycling by creating a wide range of textile yarns.    

Fabric Quality:  It does not shrink and discolor.  It s quick drying  and anti-microbial Waterproof and so breathable and its shines.

Newlife it s also certified by the firm of Oeko-Tex, Global Recycle Standard, Second Life Plastic, Reach Animal Free, Peta, VeganOK. 






___ Local production with social impact: 

We reclaim the textile trade by working with garment and dressmaking workshops that preserve tradition and value their workers, guaranteeing decent working conditions and care spaces. We respect the workday, decent wages and, above all, the times of each worker.-

____Conscious production in collaboration with Customizando 

Our Essential Nomad Collection was made in collaboration with CUSTOMIZANDO  a Social Integration Women's Cooperative. In a welcoming space, in which the workers feel safe, cared and valued for their work. They promote individual and group empowerment, training in textile manufacturing while learning to manage a cooperative. They develop production processes for they own label and for some other clientes while they train and give skills to woman in vulnerable situations and without economic resources, facilitating a work space and professional entrepreneurship focused on sustainable and ethical fashion, with a triple mission: economic sustainability, promotion of environmental culture and development of the social project. This allows us to break the circle of job insecurity and poverty through fear jobs.





____ Hand made printing by CRUDO https://www.crudo-sostenible.org 





 We design our own prints, all done one   by one by a local artisans named Antonio, using ecologic dyes and taking special care about using no harmful chemicals, developed APRON prints by serigraphy method in his Madrilenian workspace.








Our packaging

____To make your order get right to your hands we deliver your purchase in a light shipping box that’s ideal to safely deliver made from a minimum of 90% recycled material and fully recyclable. Our supplier has the FSC label certificate, it means that they where made from paper pulp that’s sourced from responsibly managed forests and mills. They use adhesive made from materials that occur naturally in the environment. It s bio- degradable packaging, using natural inks and no animals are involved on.- It s good for you to know that our pack is compostable created in a factory that sources it s energy from renewable sources. 




____ Conscious Shipping

We deliver to you with an UPS Neutral carbon conscious program looking to avoid carbon footprints as much as possible. This carbon neutral option is verified by SGS, an inspection, testing and verification company. This means you can rely on UPS carbon neutral service to mitigate the climate impact of your shipment. SGS verification programs adhere to global standards. Its not perfect but is a good way to compensate the environment damage we generate every time we ship you your NOMAD APRON.


We know that transparency and sustainability is a path of constant work that we are proud to be part of.
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