Sybillia`s NOMAD brain food catering

Sybillia`s NOMAD brain food catering

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___ Meet Sybillia our Nomad Citizen of the world, creator of, as she like to call it ---> Brain food catering, that was born in January 2020, in the creative co-working hub MOB Barcelona where she cooks to unite all food loving, sandwich munching, hungry, beautiful, happy people and spread the sandwich love.


"...Rena’s is named after my Argentinian abuela, who always used the best and freshest ingredients to feed us with love..."


____ She is from the south of England but I moved to London when she was 19. she studied Graphic Design for three years and after that she  co-running a cafe inside a record shop back in London, for about 8 years. She had a lot of ideas but it was impossible to make it at London, so she moved to Barcelona where she felt quickly at home , "...a place I knew would bring me more joy and opportunities. I’m also half Argentinian and so Spanish wasn’t a problem. When I got here, I did any old job – but my passion was always to do this, somehow..."  In some way she creates a community where she can spread all her passion serving food...



"...Being able to serve food in such a close-knit community is super heartwarming: you start to recognise each person and chat with them every day. It’s a very personal experience..."  



____ She love to experiment and try out new things. Always using her imagination to come up with new concepts.  

Rena’s Bar & Deli is dedicated to making fresh and affordable brain-food accessible to people who are working all day long. She creates recipes based on healthy ingredients, looking after all the needs her customer may have such as gluten free sandwich and as a diabetic person almost had this on mind while she develop her Renas menu.

"...My goal is to make every meal a true experience. Eating is something we all have to do. We do it three times a day, so why not make it fun? I like to play around with the recipes and I’m always innovating on my food..."



____ Rena is the name of her grandma, an example and, like a kind of musa for her.- Almost when she was a child she used to cook with her mom and enjoy sat down with her family to have a great festival food.

She used to make foodie pop ups where she can experience the joy of meet some other people, know their pleasures and get in touch with them.-

"...My biggest joy is to see people’s happy faces, and to see them coming back really is the biggest compliment..." 



____ Learn more about her and enjoy her espectacular sandwich at or





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